Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post# 2

For this blog i have been asked to anylize my social status in the comunites tgat u belong too. to answer thisquestion first i must identify all of the comunites that i belong too. i am a meber of my family, my freinds and my school. my staus in all of these comunties is based on sucess. even though my family will unconditaily love me i am still rated on sucess. my family preides itslef on sucessful people and i am most defintily compared too my other cusins and young family members. even though this may sound harsh it really isnt, i mean its not like i am publicy juged at my family events or anything its just an unspoken rule of thumb. my social staus is simply based on weather or not people like me for who i am. when it comes to people i am a simple person. either you like for who i am, or you dont like me at all. i never change my personaly for anyone, anywere. if i had to give my self a litterl status i would consider it high i guess. not because im a super populor guy or somthing but i dont have any enemies, and more importantly people who meet me usualy like me. finaily my school staus is based on one thing, my level of responsibilty. when it comes to a techer student relationship it dosent matter weather or not they like you or if they compare you too others, its simply how good your work is thats it nothing more. if your a good student you have a high status in your acidemic comuntiy, if your a bad student you most defintly have a low status. if i had to juge my cominties values i would have to say they are very positve. my famlies valus are simple be yourself, be sucsessful and make sure you stay close.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Work post #1

Hello Reader,

for this post i will be reminisce about one of my work experiences. i know this wasn't the exact question but I'm planning to make it my own. my last job was a a computer store called tekserve, i worked as a paid intern. i would wake up at 9 too get there at 10 five days a week. when i fist walked in the door i had something no job as ever offered me since, free time. every morning we would get about 20mins too sit down and relax before a long shift. after the morning relaxation it was straight to work. the other interns and I would spend the day doing everyone bidding. If someone asked me too get coffee or a snack or something i was on it A.S.A.P.. after the first few weeks they began too give me more responsibility, eventually I was offered a job as a triage tec.

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